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Hammer is the current software I use for CHARTING. While I've used plenty of Level 2s, this has to be my favorite. Being able to highlight block orders has been a game changer for me. The only complaint I have with their charting is wishing it was lightning speed like Esignal or TradeZero. I still believe they have the cleanest charts out of any broker I've traded on. They have decent shorting availability, no locate fees, which is nice. However, I would rather pay for a locate fee, like lightspeed, to be able to short everything. Sometimes there are stocks I can’t place short positions on which can be frustrating, so if I had availability to short the stock on this platform, I would take it. Their customer support is A+. If you are outside of the US and Canada, I highly suggest you use this platform. Sign up using the link below to get discounted commissions!

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  • Fees and commissions​

  • mobile trading

  • short availability

  • charting

  • order executions

  • desktop application

  • skill level recommended

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