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First Month Refunded if Course Completed!

Only $29.99/mo

Trader Accelerator


Getting Started

Start your day trading journey with Profit Chasers with our new beginner friendly program designed to teach new traders the basics and introduce them to the world of day trading in a safe environment. Alongside 1000s of other students.



Utilize our starter course, trading resources, and group chat with 1000s of other traders looking to further their knowledge alongside you! Learn the rules of day trading and how to properly manage risk, cut losses, take profits, and analyze the markets.


Acquire Funding

Once you have mastered the basics of day trading through our Trader Accelerator it's time to take it to the next level with either our Monthly membership or our Academy. From there we will teach you 1 on 1 and through group settings how to take day trading full time and be able to achieve financial freedom.

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