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Think or Swim


I have more time and experience on this platform than any platform combined, so trust my opinion on this one. Do NOT use this platform for momentum trading. If you are an options trader, that's another story. Fills are not good, the mobile app is not built for day trading. Even by joining their “Hard to Borrow” program, shorting is non-existent for small cap stocks. The only positive to this software is a price ladder and decent charts. This software made me realize the importance of trading on a commission based platform- all commission free platforms are going to give you subpar fills. I will say, their paper trading platform is decent, though a little unrealistic with the executions. Still, a decent simulation trading platform.

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  • Fees and commissions​

  • mobile trading

  • short availability

  • charting

  • order executions

  • desktop application

  • skill level recommended

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