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Trade Zero


I have enjoyed doing a small account challenge on this platform and I started my shorting career on this platform. I would recommend this platform to a trader who has $2k-$4,999 for trading and would like to have the availability to short on. Chart speed is solid on this platform, but the overall desktop application is frustrating to use. Decent mobile app but will soon be outdone. Solid order execution to the longside, shorting can be timely due to the time it takes to locate shares and approve them, crediting the shares back to receive back some of the locate costs is a nice touch. The biggest negative would be their customer support- I have had to educate their support team on their own platform.

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  • Fees and commissions​

  • mobile trading

  • short availability

  • charting

  • order executions

  • desktop application

  • skill level recommended

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