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Webull is an all around solid platform for trading. However, it is not built for momentum trading, but 90% of platform aren’t. This platform does a great job tailoring moderate traders and turning them into more advanced traders. They provide solid scanners and decent execution speed. Shorting privileges are limited, as borrow fees can be hefty. We have some traders in our academy using Webull, and most stay due to the fact that it can be scary to change brokers when they are accustomed to one. Their “Top Gappers'' scanner can help traders hop on momentum stocks quickly (I use TradeIdeas for my scanners, see my review on it!). Not a platform professional momentum traders should give much thought to.

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  • Fees and commissions​

  • mobile trading

  • short availability

  • charting

  • order executions

  • desktop application

  • skill level recommended

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